X 3872 thesis

X 3872 thesis, The quantum numbers of the x(3872) determination of the x(3872) meson quantum numbers phd thesis, institute of nuclear physics, krakow, 1986.

Cern-thesis-2014-258 24/09/2014 facoltà di scienze matematiche, fisiche e naturali ricerca del decadimento x(3872)j= nell’esperimento lhcb al cern. Probing the x(3872) is also made difficult due to low statistical samples at e observation and properties of x(3872) at d0, thesis or dissertation, april 1. Thesis report number cern-thesis-2009-129: title alignment of the lhcb tracking stations and selection of $x(3872)$ and $z(4430)^{\pm}$ in $pp$ collisions at 14tev. Justus-liebig-universitätgießen iiphysikalischesinstitut master thesis simulation of x(3872) decays using the pandaroot framework simulationvonx(3872. Abstract the recently discovered resonance x(3872) is interpreted as a loosely-bound s-wave charm meson molecule whose constituents are a superposition of the charm. Interpretations of the x(3872) and its production at and this is also supported by the observed large decay branching fraction of x(3872) to dissertation.

Search for the x(3872) in e+e−collisions with belle eva ribežl thesis defence, june 12th, 2015 e ribežl (ijs & fmf) search for the x(3872) in e+e−collisions. The measurement of the $j$ and $p$ quantum numbers of the x(3872) of charmonia production and a study of the x(3872) decay has been discussed in this thesis. Observation and properties of x(3872) at dØ / article with 4 reads source: oai cite this publication isaac n hall abstract thesis the x(3872) is. Fasanella, daniele (2012) study of the x(3872) state with the cms experiment at lhc, [dissertation thesis], alma mater studiorum università di bologna.

Observation and study of the x(3872) particle with the cms experiment at lhc. The recently discovered resonance x(3872) is interpreted as a loosely-bound s-wave charm meson molecule whose constituents are a. The first part of the thesis discusses the detector alignment a monte carlo feasibility study of the selections of the x(3872) → j/ψ π+π- decay in the b.

本文首先对在末态相互作用效应的研究中涉及的基本理论进行了简要的介绍。然后研究了末态相互作用效应对x(3872)的衰变的影响,并且考察了末态相互作用和x(1576)的联系. Master thesis analysis of the decay e+e x(3872) j= at the besiii experiment analyse des zerfallskanals e+e x(3872) j= am besiii experiment svende annelies braun. Song-haeng lee wednesday, april 20, 2016 3:00pm (334 jfb) title: searching for x(3872) on the lattice the purpose of this thesis is to provide high-precision.

  • Excited qcd 2010, stara lesna, 5th february a coupled-channel analysis of the x(3872) susana coito cfif, instituto superior t ecnico, lisboa collaboration with.
  • Thesis report number cern-thesis-2014-258: title search for the decay x(3872)$\to j/\psi \omega$ in the lhcb experiment at cern: author(s) capriotti, lorenzo.

最近发现的新的粒子共振态x(3872)对于强子谱是一个很好的补充,也引起了人们很大的兴趣。它的质量约为3872mev,非常接近d0(d)0的质量阈值,我们假设它是d0(d)0形成的很. The x(3872) meson was the first to be discovered and is the most studied of these states doi:105075/epfl-thesis-4321 print copy in library catalog.

X 3872 thesis
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