Owen duke thesis

Owen duke thesis, The full duke university fuck list thesis from a former female student (update) what's duke fuck list author karen owen up to these days let's find out.

Duke thesis, dukethesis, dukethesiscom: discussion about the viral karen owen incident where she reveals the details of her relationship conquests with athletes. The 2010 duke university faux sex thesis controversy arose from a private 42-page powerpoint document written by a duke university senior, karen owen, in the format of a thesis about her sexual experiences during her time attending the university.  · a duke university student, karen owen duke student's sex 'powerpoint presentation' goes viral none of the men featured in the thesis would comment.

Duke university graduate writes so-called thesis on sex life owen's thesis comes on the heels of a report released this summer about the nature of the booty call by south.  · a duke student's risque powerpoint has firmly implanted itself in the annals of legendary internet stories for generations to come karen f owen, a 2010 duke grad, composed an in-depth, thesis-like document titled an education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics, in may.

 · duke university alum karen owen's graphic sex powerpoint thesis-- in which she analyzes and critiques her college-era conquests -- has entertained some and infuriated others the today show takes the temperature at duke and has experts weigh in on owen's situation.  · a 2010 duke graduate's notes on her sexual adventures with 13 college athletes have gone viral. The duke powerpoint presentation that will never the infamous privacy landmine that was duke 2010 graduate karen owen’s ‘senior thesis’ owen.

Time for your weekly edition of the deadspin a source of mine at duke says that one of the guys listed in owen the full duke university fuck list thesis.

What started out as a private joke ended up around the internet — and hurting a university's reputation recent duke graduate karen owen, 22, put.

Karen owen made the 'unofficial senior thesis' on her sex life with athletes at duke university in north carolina and originally emailed it to three of her friends but the project spread to the university's entire 14,000 student body and from there on to websites across the globe.

Owen duke thesis
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